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Joel Mercado-See,
Alternative Soul Rocker

Joel gives you an unrestricted peek into every aspect of his life... from gut-wrenching anger to euphoric melancholy and heartache to lusty ventures.

Thursday, March 30th
Joel is spotlighted in the Houston Chronicle's "Preview" section and a copy of the article (with color photos) is on their web site.

Well, if you weren't at the CD release party on February 25th, you missed out on a whole lot of drunken good times. Helios was swelling with how packed it was.
Cameras were flashing all over the place and balloons were flying and popping and there was so much rockin' fun that cops came telling the bar to turn down the music... We pretended to then they left... HA! Not only did I have a full band that rocked the kasbah, there were rabble rousing performances from dominguez and Spencer. We even had a surprise performance from Western Civilization.
Don't worry if you missed the release party cuz the fun isn't over. From now until May, I'll be doing a few shows around Texas. Then beginning in July, (get ready for the cheese) I'm setting sail on those amber waves of grain to come play a show in your town. All that is in the works now. Get on the mailing list if you're not on it already so I know which which direction I should be heading.
Also, don't forget the album "Hitchhiker's Paradise" is now available online at places like and You can even walk into Borders and ask for it and they'll order it and you wont have to pay shipping. How cool is that? Hope you guys enjoy the CD... See ya soon.

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